Educational Seminars

Dover Federal Credit Union is proud to provide financial education for your employees at no cost.

To schedule any of the following seminars, please contact:

Human Resources Department
302-678-8000, ext 3012 or 3054

Build a Basic Budget--The 5-Step Spending Plan

  • Understand steps to set up a spending plan
  • Identify spending leaks
  • Track spending and find ways to save
  • Set short- and long-term financial goals
  • Audit progress and revise goals
  • Use financial tools to reach goals

Identity Theft--Who's Got Your Number?

  • What ID theft is
  • How crooks get your personal information
  • When you have to give a Social Security and when you don't
  • How to minimize risk of ID theft--online and offline
  • Tips to protect yourself from phishing attacks
  • Warning signs that you might be a victim of ID theft
  • What to do if you're a victim and where to get help

Take Charge--Wise Use of Credit Cards

  • The benefits and costs of credit
  • How to evaluate credit card offers
  • How to get and read your credit report
  • What a credit score is and how to get it
  • How to avoid credit card fraud
  • How to cancel unused credit cards
  • How to build a good credit history

Take the Wheel: Get the Best Car Deal

  • Determine how much car you can afford
  • Use a car inspection and test-drive checklist
  • Deal with dealers
  • Negotiate the best car price
  • Decipher financing options and warranties
  • Save on car insurance
  • Find help if you have problems

Check It Out: You & Your Checking Account

  • How to find a checking account that matches your needs
  • How to write checks correctly
  • Tracking withdrawals to avoid bouncing checks
  • Taking advantage of efficient electronic transactions
  • How to balance your checkbook

Investing Basics: 10 Steps for Beginners

  • Basic investing principles (risk, return, diversification)
  • Risk level of different investment vehicles
  • Investment strategies such as dollar cost averaging
  • Rule of 72
  • Mistakes investors make
  • How inflation and taxes affect your investment dollar
  • How to evaluate different investment products

NOTE: This seminar is for the beginning investor.

Get it Together: Organize Your Financial Records

  • How to determine what documents to keep
  • Costs of NOT getting organized
  • Why some record keeping systems fail
  • How long to keep records
  • Where to keep records
  • Tips for getting and staying organized

Home Buyer Education 1: Preparing Your Finances

  • Four Cs necessary for home ownership: character, capacity, capital, and collateral
  • Common home buying misconceptions
  • Affordability, buying power, and spending plans
  • Credit reports and scores
  • Benefits and responsibilities of home ownership

Home Buyer Education 2: Shopping for A Home

  • What kind of home do you want and where?
  • How to find the right home
  • Key players: real estate agents, appraisers, inspectors, and lenders

Home Buyer Education 3: Life as a Homeowner

  • Settling in your new home
  • Debt management tips
  • Household budgeting and spending plan tips
  • Home maintenance
  • Financial benefits of home ownership: increase in equity and net worth
  • Mortgage process
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