Fee Schedule

Effective 06/01/2012


Account History/Statement Copy $5.00
Automatic Transfer to Cover Overdrafts (per occurrence) $3.00
NSF Share Draft per Item/Paid or Returned $25.00
Replacement Share Draft $5.00
Returned Check Orders (each box) $10.00
Stop Payments/ACH (all items) $25.00

Miscellaneous Services

Account Reconciliation/Research (1/2 hour minimum) $10.00 per 1/2 hour
Cashier's Checks $5.00
Closed Account Fee (opened less than 6 months) $5.00
Dormant Account Fee (after 5 years) $75.00
Fax or Photocopy $5.00
Foreign Check or Collection Item Actual cost + $25.00
Foreign Currency Orders/Returns Actual cost + $25.00
Gift Card $4.95
Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) $300.00
Legal Process Fee $75.00
Loan Refinance Fee $100.00
Money Orders $3.00
Notary Service $5.00
Returned Deposited Items (Self) $25.00
Returned Deposited Items (Third Party) $15.00
Returned Reg. D Overage Item $25.00
Returned Statement Fee $10.00
Signature Guarantee Service $20.00
Verification of Deposit (VOD) $10.00 per VOD
Wire Transfer Incoming (Member) N/C
Wire Transfer Incoming (Non-Member) $15.00
Wire Transfer Outgoing (per item) Domestic $20.00

ATM/Debit Card

ATM/Debit Card Annual Fee $N/C
ATM/Debit/Credit Rush Card Order $45.00
ATM/Debit/Credit Rush PIN Mailer $20.00
ATM/Debit Point of Sale Withdrawals N/C
ATM/Debit Withdrawals in Excess of Available Funds $25.00
ATM Foreign Transaction Surcharge $1.50
ATM Withdrawal or Transfer:
   In Excess of 8 per Month (per item)
No fee on-us
$1.00 over 8 on others
Plastic Card Replacement $5.00

Credit Card

Credit Card Annual Fee N/C
Credit Card Cash Advance Fee 2.0% of Full Amount Advanced
Credit Card Foreign Transaction Surcharge $1.50
Credit Card/Loan Late Payment Fee Maximum $15.00
Credit Card Transaction Fee for Purchases N/C

Safe Deposit Box

2 x 5 Safe Deposit Box Annual Fee $20.00
3 x 5 Safe Deposit Box Annual Fee $30.00
5 x 5 Safe Deposit Box Annual Fee $35.00
3 x 10 Safe Deposit Box Annual Fee $40.00
5 x 10 Safe Deposit Box Annual Fee $55.00
7 x 10 Safe Deposit Box Annual Fee $70.00
10 x 10 Safe Deposit Box Annual Fee $80.00
Safe Deposit Box Servicing/Drill/Locks/Keys Actual billed cost +$25.00

Online Services

Audio Response Transaction Fee N/C
Bill Pay N/C
Online Banking N/C
Popmoney $0.50

Business Accounts

Business Services

Basic Checking

Performance Checking

Monthly Fee $10.00
Average Monthly Balance
Waiver >$500
Average Monthly Balance
Waiver >$2,500
Item Processing $0.35 per item
First 200 Items Free
$0.20 per item
First 500 Items Free
Debit Card
First Replacement Card Free
First Replacement Card Free
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