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5 Reasons Why a Credit Union is the Right Place for You

At Dover Federal Credit Union, we get personal. Like you, we live here, work here and make decisions here. Giving you, our fellow community members, the most personal service while helping you achieve your financial goals is what we do.

Whether you are buying your first home or improving your credit score, we will help you get there and show you how to accomplish your financial goals. Here are 5 reasons why credit unions are a great place for you and your economic future.

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  • Credit Unions are here for you! Credit Unions began with a simple idea that still lives on today, that people could achieve a better standard of living for themselves and others by pooling their savings and making loans to neighbors and co-workers. Dover Federal is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that is owned and operated by its members. It exists with a focus on serving the underserved, allowing the focus to be on people, rather than profits. Visit Our Community Page to see how Dover Federal Gives Back.

  • Credit Unions can help you reach your financial goals. We ensure that our members are empowered to make good financial choices with financial literacy to our members. We provide resources and tools to help our members plan and prepare for the future with the aspiration of prospering in their financial life. Whether it is modules, one-on-one personalized credit score analysis consultations, or "FinLit" courses to our Workplace Partners, organizations, and associations. Our goal is to help members make their dreams become a reality with the use of our resources, services, and products. Visit us for a complementary Credit Score Analysis.

  • Credit Unions are convenient. Although much smaller than the average bank, credit unions have major advantages by working together to serve our members. Plus, we are local with branches throughout the state, access to surcharge-free ATMs nationwide, and we offer online banking mobile apps. All of these services help to make it easier to bank with Dover Federal. Visit our website for a full list of locations and to locate the nearest ATM near you.

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  • Credit Unions are the smarter choice. Banking with a credit union is banking with an organization that is local, one you can trust, and has your best financial interests at heart. Dover Federal offers fewer account fees, lower interest on loans and credit cards, higher rates of returns on CDs and savings accounts. Check out our rates page to see how Dover Federal beats the competition.

  • Credit Unions are easy to join. Most people do not realize that they qualify for membership. There are still eligibility rules, but they’re not as strict as you might think. You may join through your place of work or an organization you are affiliated with. If you do not or organization. If your organization is not affiliated with Dover Federal, you can contact us to find out the best way to join. There is no cost to join and becoming a member has a plethora of benefits. Credit unions are for everyone – most people do not realize that they qualify for membership. There are still eligibility rules, but they’re not as strict as you might think. Check out the many ways you can become a member.

  • Dover Federal Credit Union is committed to equality and inclusion in our business practices. We empower our community members to have equal access to the tools to grow and flourish financially. We strive to make a positive difference in your financial life.

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