Maximize your earning potential with a Money Market account.  With a minimum opening deposit of $1,000, this tiered savings product features the opportunity to automatically earn a higher rate of return as your balance increases to the next tier.  Money markets provide the option to earn dividends monthly, compound interest, as well as make up to 6 withdrawals monthly.

Choose your tier; the higher your balance, the greater the return:

  • From $1,000+
  • From $50,000+
  • From $100,000+
  • Dividends paid monthly
  • 6 withdrawals monthly

Note: Primary/Share Savings Accounts including money markets are not intended to be transaction accounts. You may make no more than a total of 6 withdrawals (unless in person), transfers to another credit union account of yours, or transfers to a third party per statement period. The methods used to access your account include (but are not limited to) preauthorized, automatic, online, or telephonic. Debits in excess of the allowed 6 will be returned and may be subject to a fee.