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Fee Schedule (Effective 2/1/2019)
Account History/Activity Printout/Statement Copy
ACH NSF per item/Paid or Returned
(Per item paid or returned)
ATM Foreign Transaction Surcharge
ATM/Debit Card Annual Fee
No Charge
ATM/Debit Point of Sale Withdrawals
No Charge
ATM/Debit NSF/Withdrawals in Excess of Available Funds
Audio Response Transactions
No Charge
Automatic Transfer to Cover Overdrafts
Cashier’s Checks/Counter Checks
Check Cashing
Low Balance - Less $100
Check Cashing
Non-Customer (On US Checks Only)
Closed Account Fee
(If open less than 6 months)
Document Research
No Charge
Escheatment Fee
Fax or Photocopy
No Charge
Gift Card
Inactivity Fee (after 12 months)
$10.00 per month
Legal Process Fee
Loan Late Fee - Consumer Loans
Loan Late Fee - Real Estate Loans
Maximum $30.00
Minimum Balance
No Charge
Notary Service
No Charge
Monthly Service Charge
No Charge
NSF Share Drafts
Per Item/Paid or Returned
Paper Statement Fee (monthly or quarterly)
Per Check Writing Charge
No Charge
Plastic Card Replacement
Returned Check Orders
Returned Deposited Items
Returned Reg. D Overage Item
Returned Statement Fee
Rush Card Order
Signature Guarantee Service
No Charge
Single Service Fee
$5.00 - Per Month
Stop Payments
(all items) Including ACH
Tax Levy
Verification of Deposit (VOD)
No Charge
Safe Deposit Box Annual Fee 2x5
Safe Deposit Box Annual Fee 3x5
Safe Deposit Box Annual Fee 5x5
Safe Deposit Box Annual Fee 3x10
Safe Deposit Box Annual Fee 5x10
Safe Deposit Box Annual Fee 7x10
Safe Deposit Box Annual Fee 10x10
Safe Deposit Box Servicing/Drill/Locks/Keys
Actual billed cost + $25.00
Wire Transfer Incoming
No Charge
Wire Transfer Incoming
Wire Transfer Outgoing
Wire Transfer Outgoing
Quoted at time of wire request
Credit Card Annual Fee
No Charge
Credit Card Cash Advance Fee
No Charge
Credit Card Copy of Statement
Credit Card Foreign Transaction Surcharge
Credit Card Transaction Fee for Purchasers
No Charge
Credit Card/Loan Late Payment Fee
Maximum $27.00
NSF Bill Pay per item
Overnight Check
Same Day Bill Payment
Online 3rd Party Loan Payment Fee
Personal Payment Service (Popmoney®)
Account to Account Transfer
(Outbound Only Initiated from Dover Federal)
≤1 year
90 Day Dividends
> 1 year
180 Day Dividends
Basic Checking Monthly Fee
$10.00 Average Monthly Balance Waiver >$500
Basic Checking Purchase Coin
$0.20 per coin roll
Basic Checking Purchase Currency
$0.50 per currency strap
Basic Checking Debit Card Replacement
$5.00 - First Replacement Card Free