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Dover Federal Credit Union does not know the status of your check, and will not have any updates for you until we have received it. Please CLICK HERE for important information from the IRS regarding the stimulus check disbursement. 


Where is my Stimulus Check? 

The first round of stimulus checks will be released to our members on Tuesday, April 14th. If you do not receive your check on the 14th, we are not informed on where your stimulus check is, and when you will receive it. Due to the nature of the federal government, we will not know the status of your check until we receive it.  

How will the IRS know where to send your payment? 

The majority of American people do not need to take any action. The IRS is automatically calculating and sending the economic impact payment to those who are eligible. These calculations will be made using your 2019 tax return for those who have already filed them, and 2018 tax returns for those who have not yet filed for their return for 2019.  The economic impact (stimulus) check will be sent using the same delivery method and account that was used for your last tax return; whether that be direct deposit or through a physical check in the mail. 

What if the IRS doesn't have my direct deposit information? 

The IRS has developed a portal on their site that allows you to get more information on your payment status, payment type, and whether or not they need more information from you (i.e. bank information). 

To visit this portal, please click here.